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Winstead Business Divorce is a go-to resource for majority owners and minority investors in private Texas companies. The site features business news, legal trends, insights and blog posts that will be of interest to those holding an ownership stake in private companies, as well for those affiliated with or providing advice to private companies, which includes officers and directors, accountants, estate planners, wealth management advisors and business and family lawyers. Learn more

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Led by Shareholder Ladd Hirsch in the firm’s Dallas office, Winstead’s Business Divorce attorneys frequently represent majority owners and substantial minority investors in successful private Texas companies. Our accomplished team understands the business challenges, governance issues, and federal and state laws involved in achieving a separation among private company business partners, including the type of issues that arise when this parting of the ways takes place in the context of a family divorce case. Winstead attorneys are recognized for their experience in optimizing business outcomes for their clients while effectively managing their legal fees and expenses. Our experience in bringing creative ideas to the table in Business Divorce matters helps in developing both legal and business strategies that are designed to achieve our clients’ objectives. The Winstead Business Divorce team includes attorneys from the firm’s offices in Austin, Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio.

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Ladd Hirsch is a solution-oriented trial attorney with more than 30 years experience representing companies and high net worth business clients in complex litigation cases and arbitration matters. Ladd is tenacious and pragmatic for his clients in both the courtroom and boardroom in seeking results that meet their short and long-term business objectives. Read More

The Winstead Way

Representing clients in Business Divorce matters is a significant part of Winstead’s practice.

And while it’s our profession and passion, we are acutely aware that nearly all of our clients want their lawsuit or dispute to go away. Quickly, definitively, discreetly and inexpensively.

Every attorney at Winstead understands the gravity and responsibility of clients choosing us to handle their business divorce. We work vigorously to protect our clients’ rights and interests, while helping them evaluate, manage and control the risks, costs and uncertainties associated with a business divorce.


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